Sterling Silver Jewelry Photography - Xandra Monde
Sterling Silver Jewelry Photography – Xandra Monde


September 8, 2023

Recently, I had the wonderful opportunity to collaborate with Xandra Monde, a Sterling Silver Jewelry brand who’s sole purpose is to provide opulent dreams, memories, and opportunities through elegantly designed fashion. Here’s a brief look into our day together.

We opted for a minimal studio setting. Simplicity was the key – nothing that would overshadow the jewelry but would let each piece make its statement. The aim was to create an ambiance where Xandra Monde’s jewelry would truly be the star of the show but still look everyday ready.

Working with the Xandra Monde team reaffirmed the beauty of simplicity for me. Sometimes, the most minimal setups can lead to the most striking images. I’m grateful to Xandra Monde for trusting me to showcase their designs, and I hope our collaboration allows people to appreciate the elegance and detail of their jewelry collection.



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