Professional Headshots San Antonio

We provide quick and easy professional headshots at your location. Specializing in on-location environmental headshots for individuals, creatives, and busy executives. We deliver high-quality retouched professional images for today’s story-driven culture.

We come to your office or your location so there is minimal downtime. Choose from a standard White, Gray, or Black background or we can use your environment as a professional headshots backdrop.

Pricing is based on a per-person rate. The Initial price is $200 then each additional person is charged $125. If you have groups of 10 it is $95 per person, 20+ people are $65 per person.

Professional Headshots San Antonio
Standard Headshot
Solid White, Gray, or Black Backdrop
First Person
  • 1 Professionally Re-touched Image
  • On-Site real-time image review
  • Expert Posing Coach
  • Additional people are $125 per person
  • Add-on Images are $45 each

Executive Headshot Photographer San Antonio
Lifestyle Headshot
Lifestyle backdrop indoor or outdoor.
First Person
  • We bring a full studio setup
  • 1 Professionally Re-touched Image
  • On-Site real-time image review
  • Expert Posing Coach
  • Additional people are $125 per person
  • Add-on Images are $45 each

Whole Foods Group Photo San Antonio
White, Gray, Black or Lifestyle Backdrops
First Group
  • Professionally Re-touched Images
  • On-Site real-time image review
  • Expert Posing Coach

Professional Headshots Options

  • Personal Branding Headshots
  • Corporate Headshots
  • Acting Headshots
  • Pageant Headshots
  • Modeling Headshots

We had a great experience working with Jonathan Ivy for our photoshoot of the Elevate Dental team. He was very professional, but also made all of us feel at ease during the photoshoot. The photos we received were beautiful and we are thrilled with the result. Highly recommend!


Elevate Dental Team

High-Quality image re-touching, background removal, and person swapping and advanced editing available.

  • Before-Custom Backgrounds
    After-Custom Backgrounds
    Before Custom Backgrounds After

Headshot Photography FAQ

What should I wear?

Choose something simple and professional that fits well. Avoid loud patterns or fluorescent colors. Try something with a deep color that complements your skin tone. If you are wearing a light color try accenting it with something darker, like a jacket. Remember to dress according to your job role or the role you want to attract.

Should I hire a professional make-up and hair artist?

This is a personal choice and is not required. If you feel like this will give you confidence then I think it’s a great idea. The most important thing is to be yourself.

How do you retouch our images?

We use advanced techniques to edit your images. We are not applying a blanket filter or action that smooths skin. We edit our images by hand and make personalized choices in our re-touching. We like to remove distractions that are captured by cameras that our eyes pass over. We want you to look like the real you and not a super high-definition version of you.

How long will it take to get my photos?

Most Proofs are available within 24-48 hours you then choose your favorite image or images and once we have those selections edits are turned around within 48hrs. The whole process can go very quickly if communication is fast.

How long does it take?

We try to make this a quick process. Setup is 15 min and each shot takes about 5 minutes. This is an average, depending on the location and style of the shoot. When shooting for clients with limited availability we get the shot and move on. If there is time we get artistic and create art.

Do you have a studio location?

We have a studio that we can use, it is by appointment only and it is for groups of 3 or more only.

How far will you travel?

Most locations near San Antonio are included, If you are outside of the 1604 loop there might be a travel fee.

If you have any other questions about makeup, what to wear, or what to expect please contact the studio and we can help. We can help you plan the best experience for you and make sure we accomplish everything you need.

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